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The National Honor Society consists of students that have demonstrated exceptional scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Applicants are invited to join in the first week of September of their junior or senior year providing that their GPA is at or above a 3.5000 (note the GPA is not rounded). Students will have two weeks to complete the application (including Career Cruising | CC Login Instructions) and return it to the adviser by the deadline.  The application will give students the opportunity to demonstrate their service and leadership qualities.   A five-member National Honor Society Faculty Council will review the applications and may ask students to come in for an interview during the month of October.  Final Faculty Council decisions are sent to students in November before the induction ceremony. 

Service is where you have done something on behalf of others (not including family members) for which you have received no compensation (monetary or otherwise).  Service can be individual or group projects done in or out of school.

Leadership is exemplified when you are responsible for teaching, directing, or motivating others.  Typical positions could be an elected club officer, team captain, or committee chairperson.  If you are asked to come for an interview, you may be asked:

  • How you have demonstrated your talents as a leader?
  • What obstacles have you had to overcome in your position as a leader?
  • Why you want to become a National Honor Society member?

Students need to maintain their GPA at a 3.5000 or above and do ten hours of community service each semester and ten hours of summer community service if inducted as a junior.  Members must demonstrate exemplary character and follow the membership expectations.

The faculty council will send letters to applicants in October if further information is needed to make a decision. Faculty council decisions are sent to all applicants the first week of November. The Induction ceremony will be done over Zoom, tentatively planned for Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 6:00 P.M.

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